David Balch, MA

David is one of America’s foremost experts on telemedicine, helping to pioneer technology that allows collaboration, diagnosis, and treatment of medical conditions from remote locations around the world.  In 1989, David started the Telemedicine Center at East Carolina University’s Brody School of Medicine.   The program was an early innovator in telemedicine networking, diagnostic tools, integrated control systems, and wearable monitors.   As Director of Telehealth Research and Development for the Brody School of Medicine, David supervised clinical research projects, and was principal investigator on grants and contracts related to Telehealth, e-health, and telemedicine for 20 years.   David also was the leader of an expert team in the development of an International Telemedicine Training Center, the Distributed Medical Intelligence Conference, Strong Angel, and global disaster response exercises. 

David is the Chief Technology Officer for Vesalius Ventures in Houston, Texas.   Vesalius is an investment firm focused on enabling technologies that can transform healthcare.  David is also the CEO of DCB Consulting, a professional consulting firm specializing in enterprise telemedicine solutions and patient monitoring systems.  David has provided consultative services to large hospitals, academic medical centers, government, military, and private enterprises including Cisco Systems, 3M, Guidant Technologies, Intel, Sprint, and many others.

David previously served as the Director of Telemedicine for Guardian 24/7, a private firm providing concierge medicine to high net-worth families around the world.    Guardian 24/7 was a US based company composed of former White House physicians who have served the last five Presidents of the United States.   In this position, David designed clinical telemedicine solutions for luxury interiors on super yachts, private jets, and large estates. 

In 2003, David provided leadership of a multidisciplinary medical team in biological threat preparedness and medical response at the Super Bowl in San Diego, California. David has served as a board member of the American Telemedicine Association, chaired the Special Interest Groups in Technology, Interoperability, and Emergency Preparedness, and is on the editorial board of the Journal for Disaster Medicine.  He has over 30 years’ experience in medicine, communications, and advanced technology as applied to clinical telemedicine.   David received his BA degree from the University of Kentucky and his MA in Telecommunications from Murray State University.  In May of 2013, he was inducted into the College of Fellows of the American Telemedicine Association.  His research has been awarded more than $12 million in U.S. Federal funding and has led to four U.S. patents.