Vesalius Capital Group

Vesalius Capital Group has created a firm that will exploit opportunities in advanced technologies in the areas of clean tech, healthcare, information technology and energy. The company focuses on early – mid stage diversified investments, utilizing specialized finance strategies to bring new technologies to the market. 

Vesalius Ventures is currently in the position to exploit these emerging technology markets.  Vesalius Capital Group brings together an experienced management team with substantial expertise in IT, healthcare and energy.  The company focuses on early – mid stage diversified investments, utilizing specialized financing strategies to bring these technologies to the market. 

From a technology commercialization standpoint, they are not dissimilar.  For example, Energy technology is often device, software, communications and chemical process oriented, which is not that different from healthcare ventures.  All are enabled by information technology.  There is the opportunity for Vesalius to lead investments, along with large corporate and institutional VC’s, to create new ventures for the marketplace.

Vesalius Capital Group was created for diversified investments, targeting large but unmet market needs, compelling technologies, exceptional management teams.

Simbol Mining Corporation

Simbol Mining Corp. is an early stage company focused on the production of lithium and other commodity metals using clean, zero waste production processes co-located at geothermal power plants. Based on that proprietary cleantech process, the company aims to become the leading provider of lithium carbonate, a key component of batteries for electric vehicles and energy storage technology.

The American Institute of Minimally Invasive Surgery

The American Institute of Minimally Invasive Surgery is the nation's pre-eminent educator of advanced surgical techniques. Its mission is to develop and designate affiliates and centers of excellence dedicated to minimally invasive procedures that safely benefit patients while reducing healthcare costs.  It not only teaches minimally invasive methods, but it also supports graduates with membership opportunities where they can find marketing support, consulting services, and strategies to help them grow and strengthen their practices, including the introduction of medical technology and information technology for practice management. Beyond that, AI•MIS also provides resources for patients, corporate partners and physician members and affiliates to help foster progress throughout the medical profession as a whole.

JSA Health Telepsychiatry

JSA Health Telepsychiatry is a Houston based behavioral health telemedicine practice that provides 24/7 access to high quality telepsychiatry care for a wide variety of settings including emergency departments, community health clinics, educational institutions and correctional facilities. The company uses high-definition HIPAA compliant telemedicine technologies to connect patients and healthcare organizations to experienced mental health professionals. JSA Health Telepsychiatry is founded and run by renowned board-certified psychiatrists and it has won numerous national awards for its quality of service and its business model.


Sensiotec, founded in 2008 and based at the Georgia Tech Venture Center in Atlanta, Georgia, has developed the Virtual Medical Assistant® (VMA), the world's first truly remote, totally noncontact, cardiorespiratory patient monitoring platform utilizing Ultra-Wideband (UWB), a formerly military-classified, low power radar technology. As a decision support tool, the VMA can help identify potential healthcare crises at an early stage and reduce complications associated with certain common chronic illnesses. The VMA offers an extraordinary level of usability, scalability and interoperability.


Friendslearn is an industry leading educational digital health company focused on "mobile interactive entertainment", to tackle global health crises. Friendslearn is pioneering innovations in therapeutic mobile entertainment, with the aim to prevent lifestyle diseases in children and young adults. The current product offering is "Fooya", a scalable mobile health and wellness behavior modification entertainment platform that has been shown to significantly influence healthier dietary behaviors in children. Friendslearn is guided by a mission of building the "Disney of Medicine" and aims to inspire children and young adults to lead healthier lives by making healthy behavior incredibly fun! Friendslearn is headquartered in Silicon Valley and is comprised of full time employees from unique and diverse backgrounds ranging from Computer Science and Engineering, Mathematics, Game design, Economics, Animation, Digital Art, Music and Film Production.

Salus Telehealth

Salus TelehealthSalus Telehealth is a telehealth company that provides partners with a complete and comprehensive telehealth program. It is an integrator of telehealth technology and medical devices that provides physicians, providers and facilities a turn-key solution for the practice of medicine. Over 300 physician and specialists provide healthcare services throughout the network, representing more than 32 different specialties. The Salus network includes approximately 500 partners across hospitals, nursing homes, schools, healthcare clinics and correctional facilities. The program has a presence in over 16 states including Georgia, Alabama, Florida, Tennessee, Kentucky, California, Alaska, Illinois, Iowa, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Texas, Louisiana, Missouri, Indiana, South Carolina and 7 countries outside the US including China, Zambia, Honduras, Guatemala, Kazakhstan, Macedonia, and Georgia.


VideoMedicineVideoMedicine is one of the premiere providers of virtual mobile medical service platform. VideoMedicine is the world’s first HIPAA compliant, doctor network that allows patients to receive healthcare consultation from the comfort of their own home or kiosks, connecting them with healthcare service providers. The VideoMedicine platform allows patients to search for providers, make future appointments, video chat with an on-demand provider immediately, review providers, and even get prescriptions. Healthcare service providers who use VideoMedicine are able to expand their practice geographically, while also promoting the service to their existing patients. Provider types include over thirty-five physician specialties.