Vesalius Health Advisors

Why Vesalius Health Advisors?

Vesalius Health Advisors (VHA) is the premier advisory services company offering expertise worldwide to healthcare entities of every type and size.  VHA has assembled a team of healthcare and technology experts focused on the clinical, technical, financial, and regulatory aspects of telemedicine and digital health.  VHA leverages this expertise to provide fully integrated telemedicine solutions for healthcare organizations, healthcare practitioners, and patients tailored to the individual client’s goals.  Whether your goals are to enhance patient contact and augment revenue, or streamline service offerings, VHA offers the experience and expertise needed to effectively incorporate telemedicine into any healthcare scenario.

VHA solutions are client-focused.  We can adapt our resources to effectively and affordably insure successful implementation of your telehealth project.  The VHA advisory network provides a seamless assessment and comprehensive telemedicine strategy that will exceed your need and expectation.

VHA has extensive international experience, most notably in the Middle East, South Asia, and Europe.  We provide full-service national and international business development consulting including identifying strategic partners, technical evaluation and due diligence for prospective investments. 


The Vesalius Health Advisors are experts in the clinical applications of telemedicine, telehealth, and digital applications in health care.  VHA brings its experience using telemedicine in every setting, from the clinic to the White House to space exploration.   In addition, VHA has established relationships with global clinical partners. 


The Vesalius Health Advisors offer our clients unbiased (vendor neutral) technology assessments and recommendations which can applied in any telemedicine environment.    We specialize in the use of cutting edge digital health technologies to optimize patient care.


Vesalius Health Advisors offers clients a diverse financial skill set focused on the economics of telemedicine.  Whether the client is a single practitioner office seeking to augment revenue or a multimillion patient health system, VHA will provide the client with a comprehensive analysis of proposed or existing telemedicine programs with a strong focus on return on investment (ROI) for provider and patient alike.  VHA financial analysis will focus on optimization of existing telemedicine revenue streams and identification of new telemedicine revenue opportunities for our clients.  Our team is highly experienced in navigating the economics of telemedicine:


Each of the Vesalius Health Advisors possesses detailed and current knowledge of the complex and evolving regulatory landscape of telemedicine and digital health.  VHA advisors have been instrumental in shaping the telemedicine regulation from the earliest stages in its development, and VHA can provide clients with unmatched insights into the legal issues surrounding the use of technology in healthcare delivery through telemedicine.


Our services encompass fully customized telemedicine consulting including program planning, work flow development, selection of hardware and software, implementation, training, and evaluation.

Service examples:

  • Strategic and Business Planning - focusing on process, patient, surge capacity and expansion management
  • Start up Program Management (clinical, operations, technical)—jump start your program using VHA operational guidelines and/or temporary administrative staff
  • Project Implementation and Training—Establish site readiness, installation, system testing, and on-site training
  • Clinical Workflow Development -  to streamline operations and scheduling that fits into current practices and systems
  • Best Practice Guidance – for proper consolidation and management of a telehealth program
  • Service Offering Development--assistance in determination and deployment of best clinical telemedicine services to increase revenue streams and patient flow for strategic plan
  • Integrate Digital Health --provide range of options for mobile and wearable devices
  • Provide Growth Strategies--evaluate existing telemedicine operations and advise on expansion opportunities
  • Assessment and Evaluation--assess current telemedicine programs, evaluate, and provide recommendations for refinement
  • Sustainability Guidance—optimize financial support and provider compensation for sustaining programs after grants expire
  • Assessment Tools--decision tools for 'best fit' technology for your program
  • Web Development Services--Portal design, back end database, integration of real-time devices and hosting
  • Billing and Reimbursement Guidance – up to date payment availability for parity in reimbursement
  • Legal and Regulatory Guidance – provide support compliance with Stark legislation, licensure issues, HIPPA rules, and Informed Consent
  • Facility Design and Build out -  from architectural and 3D renderings to construction management


  • Dr. Bernard Harris Jr., former NASA Astronaut, telemedicine pioneer, and CEO of telemedicine technology accelerator Vesalius Ventures
  • David Balch is a leader in the design and implementation of enterprise telemedicine and patient monitoring systems and has provided consulting services to large hospitals, academic medical centers, military and government clients, and all sizes of private enterprise
  • Lori Balch is an expert in telemedicine program management and training, and created the first telemedicine training program in the United States
  • Jun Lu has international expertise in business development, industry analysis, financial modeling, and corporate valuations.  Jun has an MBA from Rice and is multi-lingual.


Vesalius Health Advisors welcomes inquiries from any potential client interested in incorporating telemedicine into their practice or enhancing existing telemedicine programs.  From individual physician practices through major health insurance companies or healthcare institutions, VHA will work with the client to provide innovative solutions focused on the clinical, technological, and financial aspects of telemedicine.  Our advisors have worked with a wide range of clients, including but not limited to:

  • Major private and academic healthcare organizations
  • Private and public hospital centers
  • Concierge medical practices
  • Satellite clinics and subspecialty referral centers
  • Health insurers
  • Employers seeking to bring telemedicine to the worksite
  • Community health practitioners
  • Federal and local government programs
  • Community health and wellness programs
  • Medical schools and healthcare training programs
  • Tourism companies, hotels, cruise ships, private yachts
  • Private and commercial aeronautics companies
  • Nursing Homes and Assisted Living Centers
  • School-based Health
  • Individual patients and healthcare consumer groups
  • Higher learning education and curriculum development