The Evolution

Accelerating The Future
As part of the mission to bring "Advanced Technologies into the practice of medicine", Vesalius Ventures' strategy is to identify and showcase promising technologies. Since its inception, Vesalius' deal flow has included over 500 companies that are leading the evolution of medicine such as:

  • Interactive media and databases
  • Medical decision making tools and healthcare workflow automation
  • Innovative approaches to disease management
  • Real-time signal acquisition and analyses of medical parameters
  • Telecommunication technology for the collection and display of medical data to reduce triage time and expedite treatment
  • Visual integration techniques for electronic medical records
  • Remote medical devices and robotics

All of these technologies provide physicians, hospital and healthcare providers with real-time patient information as an integral tool for healthcare. "The introduction of COVID into our communities around the world, has led to the acceleration of the utilization of Telemedicine and Telehealth. This has enable healthcare systems and providers to not only continue their work during the pandemic but, has now become an integral part of medicine. Vesalius Ventures' expertise and experience has placed it in the forefront of this evolution of the Healthcare market.

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