What We Do

Houston, Texas, is the home of three leading industries: information technology, medicine and energy.  Vesalius Ventures is positioned to exploit these emerging markets.  Vesalius Ventures brings together an experienced management team with substantial expertise in IT, healthcare and energy.  The company focuses on early – mid stage diversified investments, utilizing specialized financing strategies to bring these technologies to the market.

From a technology commercialization standpoint, these industries are not dissimilar.  For example, energy technology is often device, software, communications and chemical process oriented, which is not that different from healthcare ventures.  All are enabled by information technology.  There is the opportunity for Vesalius to lead investments, along with large corporate and institutional VC's, to create new ventures for the marketplace.

All of these technologies provide physicians, hospital and healthcare providers with real-time patient information as an integral tool for healthcare. "The introduction of COVID into our communities around the world, has led to the acceleration of the utilization of Telemedicine and Telehealth. This has enable healthcare systems and providers to not only continue their work during the pandemic but, has now become an integral part of medicine. Vesalius Ventures' expertise and experience has placed it in the forefront of this evolution of the Healthcare market.

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